CB036: 36" Charbroiler


Cookshack's 36" Charbroiler lets you concentrate on the quality of food, not stoking the fire &  it is simple to use.  You just set the cooking temperature and the Charbroiler regulates the wood and the cooking temperature to turn out a consistent product every time.

Cookshack Charbroilers are easy to use and require no special training. The electronically controlled pellet-cooking system keeps the charbroiler cooking at a consistent temperature and the heavy duty cast iron grates distribute heat evenly. Fueled by 100% food grade wood pellets provides consistent results and gives your food the well-loved smoky flavor that keeps customers coming back.


Cooking Capacity: 12 oz. Ribeye: 24 pcs., 11 oz. NY Strip: 24 pcs., 8 oz. Filet: 30 pcs., 8 oz. Chicken Breast: 30 pcs., 4 oz Hamburger: 30 pcs.
Cooking Surface: Heavy duty cast iron grates 1 1/2" thick
Cooking Area: 36" x 20" = 720 sq. in.
Temperature Settings: High: 700°, Medium: 500°, Low: 250°
Shipping Weight: 570 lbs.
Included Equipment: 6 cooking grates, grate removal tool, 2 drip trays, 3 heat deflectors, locking casters, operator’s manual and 200 lbs. pellets
Fuel Usage: 100% food grade wood pellets average cost is $.50 per pound

  • Low (250°F average temperature): 3 lbs. per hour
  • Med (500°F average temperature): 6 lbs. per hour 
  • High (700°F average temperature): 9 lbs. per hour 

Construction and Insulation: Double Walled Construction surrounding 850° F Spin-Glas® Insulation

NSF and USDA Approved; UL Listed in the USA and Canada as Commercial Cooking Equipment; Made in the USA