PA021: Commercial Cold Smoke Kit: Models SM100 through SM160

Cold-smoking is the art of smoking food at such low temperatures that the food smokes, but does not cook. Although Cookshack smokers are hot-smokers, this kit allows you to adapt your smoker for cold-smoking. By placing the insulated baffle in the lowest slot of your smoker's side racks, heat is blocked. You can further lower the temperature by placing a pan of ice on the baffle. Cold-smoke cheese, salmon, vegetables and more. This stainless steel cold smoking kit adapts your Cookshack smoker to an excellent cold-smoking machine! This Cold Smoking Kit only fits the Commercial Series 100 smokers.

Smoker Models:

  • SM100
  • SM101
  • SM102
  • SM105
  • SM106
  • SM150
  • SM160